Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry-Spring 2017

Unless noted otherwise, All Friday Seminars will begin at 3:10 pm and take place in the Byker Auditorium-Chemistry Biochemistry Building.

January 2017

Friday, January 13

Dr. James Crawford (Genetech) will present "Discovery of GDC-0853: A Highly Potent, Selective, and Non-Covalent Btk Inhibitor." Byker Auditorium at 3:10. Professor Matt Cook will host.

Bio: Dr. James Crawford is a Senior Scientist and Project Team Leader in Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Genentech.
Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, James attended the University of Strathclyde where he obtained his MSci, followed by his Ph.D., working with Professors Kerr (University of Strathclyde) and Henderson (University of Notre Dame, IN).  In 2005 he joined Professor K.C. Nicolaou’s laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute as a Fulbright scholar.
James started his industrial career in late 2006 at AstraZeneca’s Alderley Park site as an Associate Team Leader in Medicinal Chemistry, where he was part of the team that identified a development compound for the inhibition of the cysteine protease Cathepsin K as a treatment for osteoarthritis.  A move to AZ’s Charnwood site followed, where he was the lead chemist on a number of Hit Identification projects (including viral, TLR, GPCR and protease targets).
After 4 years with AZ, and having clearly missed the Californian weather, James joined Genentech in San Francisco.  During his time at Genentech, James has worked across three disease areas – Immunology, Oncology and Antibacterials.  One of his key roles has been as the chemistry leader of the BTK discovery team at Genentech, leading a team co-located in San Francisco and Shanghai.

Friday, January 27

Dr. Noah Burns (Stanford) Professor Sharon Neufeldt host


Friday, February 3

Dr. Tim Kowalczyk, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center, and Institute for Energy Studies at Western Washington University will present "Photoactive Organic Materials Design".  Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.  Professor Robert Szilagyi will host.

Abstract: Revolution is afoot in the computational design of functional materials. Thanks to collective investments in fast electronic structure codes and chemical informatics tools, computational screening and design of materials to meet certain performance criteria are increasingly within reach. This talk describes our efforts to include excited-state properties explicitly in the computational screening and design of photoactive organic materials for solar energy conversion. We introduce a fast, approximate density-functional tight-binding approach for excited states (ΔDFTB) and describe its application to the prediction of Stokes shifts of organic chromophores. We then examine how electronic structure-based modeling of chromophores embedded/encapsulated in nanostructured materials, including covalent organic frameworks and aluminosilicates, can lead to design rules for further optimization of the material's desired photoactivity.

Friday, February 10

Daniel Raftery  Valerie Copie Host

Friday, February 17

Dr. Xi Chu from the University of Montana, Department of Chemistry. Professor Erik Grumstrup host.

Friday, February 24

Assistant Professor Matt Queen (MSU Billings)


Friday, March 3

Dr. Ryan Looper (Utah). Professor Matt Cook host.

Friday, March 10

Kopriva Graduate Student Seminar- Arianna Celis-Luna

Friday, March 17- Spring break

Friday, March 24-

Professor Dipa Kalyani (St. Olaf, Minnesota). Professor Sharon Neufeldt is the host.

Friday, March 31

Emily Weinert (Emory University).  Professor Jen DuBois


Friday, April 7-

Drs. Brian Tripet, Valerie Copie, Martin Lawrence and Brian Bothner- Shared User Facilities

Friday, April 14 -University Holiday

Friday, April 21 

Dr. Larry Overman, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, University of California-Irvine is the College of Letters and Science Distinguished Lecturer and a guest of Professor Mary Cloninger.  Dr. Overman will present "Fragment Coupling and Constructing Quaternary-Carbon Stereocenters Using Carbon Radicals."

Friday, April 28

The Departments of Microbiology and Chemistry and Biochemistry will host Vadim Gladyshev (MIT)- Procrastinator 3:10 pm