Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Friday, September 2

Dr. Tibor Szilvasi, University of Wisconsin - Madison, will be here to present "Photocatalysis with NaCl: Myth or reality?" Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.  Dr. Szilvasi is the guest of Professor Robert Szilagyi.

Abstract: Recently Tong et al have suggested based on their experiments that NaCl can play crucial role in atmospheric chemistry by photocatalyzing several reaction, such as degradation of HgCl2 and HgBr2, with the help of sunlight. In my talk I will show how NaCl, a chemically inert wide gap insulator material, can photocatalyze chemical transformations which can have significant importance in the design of future photocatalytic reactions.

Tong, et al. Environ. Sci. Impacts. 2013, 15, 1883−1888.

Friday, September 9

Dr. Steve Baldelli (University of Houston) - Professor Rob Walker host.

Wednesday, September 14

Graduate Student Melodie Machovina - 4th year seminar - Dr. Jen DuBois lab

Friday September 16

Dr. Blaine Roberts - Professor Ed Dratz host

Friday, September 23

Dr. Robert Usselman, (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, MSU) will present his research in a seminar (title to follow).  3:10 pm Byker Auditorium.

Friday, September 30


Friday, October 7

Dr. Tim Machonkin - Professor Jen DuBois host.

Friday, October 14 -

Dr. Rick Cote - Professor Mary Cloninger host

Friday, October 21

Dr. Chris Elles (Kansas) Professor Erik Grumstrup host.


Friday, November 4

Friday, November 18


Friday,  December 2

Dr. Veronica Vaida (CU Boulder) Professor Rob Walker host

Friday, December 9

February 2017

Friday, February 24

Dr. Xi Chu from the University of Montana, Department of Chemistry.