Montana State University

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Fri 29 - Graduate Student Recognition Ceremony

Fri 05 - Graduate Student Seminar-Marshall
Brooks Marshall a 5th year graduate student with Professor Tim Minton will deliver a graduate student seminar to begin our 2014-2015 Department Seminar Series.

Fri 19 - Biosafety Training
General Biosafety– Course will cover principles in Biosafety including the following concepts: agent classification, biosafety levels, engineering control, personal protection equipment, work practices, laboratory acquired infections, and biological waste disposal.
3:10 Byker
Kirk Lubick
Biosafety Officer
Office of Research Compliance

Fri 03 - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will host Dr. Renee Reijo Pera in a seminar at 3:10 in the Byker Auditorium.

Thu 06 - PhD Defense-Goodman

Fri 07 - PhD Defense-Towey