Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Friday, September 2

3:10 pm Seminar

Dr. Tibor Szilvasi, University of Wisconsin - Madison, will be here to present "Photocatalysis with NaCl: Myth or reality?" Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.  Dr. Szilvasi is the guest of Professor Robert Szilagyi.

Abstract: Recently Tong et al have suggested based on their experiments that NaCl can play crucial role in atmospheric chemistry by photocatalyzing several reaction, such as degradation of HgCl2 and HgBr2, with the help of sunlight. In my talk I will show how NaCl, a chemically inert wide gap insulator material, can photocatalyze chemical transformations which can have significant importance in the design of future photocatalytic reactions.

Tong, et al. Environ. Sci. Impacts. 2013, 15, 1883−1888.

Friday, September 9

Dr. Steve Baldelli (University of Houston) will present "Ionic Liquids at Charged Interfaces" in the Byker Auditorium at 3:10. Dr. Baldelli's is hosted by Professor Rob Walker and sponsored by both the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Materials Science Program.


Fundamental and basic information about molecules at the solid-liquid interface is limited primarily because most spectroscopic methods are not able to specifically detect the surface buried between two condensed phases.  The second-order nonlinear techniques sum frequency generation, SFG, is able to probe the noncentrosymmetric environment between two bulk phases and have been used in many surface studies.  In this presentation the use of SFG to studies of ionic liquids at the charged solid-liquid interface will be discussed.  Several interfaces are discussed including dielectrics, graphene, and metal.  SFG results suggest a specific surface model that the ionic liquid structure persists approximately one layer into the bulk liquid and that this is mostly due to the charge neutralization at the surface.

Wednesday, September 14

Graduate Student Melodie Machovina will present her research in a 4th year graduate student seminar titled "Monooxygenase substrates mimic flavin to catalyze cofactorless oxygenations".  Today in the Byker Auditorium at  3:10 pm.  Melodie works in the lab of Professor Jen DuBois.

Friday September 16

Dr. Blaine Roberts, Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne, Florey Department of Neuroscience and Mental Health will present "Are metals involved in neurodegeneration? Bioanalytical tools to investigate the role of metalloproteins in Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis." 3:10 pm in the Byker Auditorium. Professor Ed Dratz will host Dr. Roberts.

Friday, September 23

SPECIAL 10:10 am Seminar

Sheila Smith, a former postdoc in in the Broderick lab (while at Amherst College and Michigan State University), will give a seminar on Friday morning (September 23rd) at 10:10 am in the Byker. Dr. Smith is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She will discuss her recent research, and will also spend a few minutes at the end of her seminar talking about Ionic VIPEr, the Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Educational Resource, which she has been integrally involved in developing with support from the NSF.

Seminar Title: All the Eggs in One Basket? A Possible Role for Riboflavin Binding Protein in Copper Transport and Storage

Sheila R. Smith, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan - Dearborn

3:10 Seminar

Dr. Robert Usselman, (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, MSU) will present his research in a seminar titled "Quantum Biology: When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It." 3:10 pm Byker Auditorium.

Friday, September 30

Assistant Research Professor, Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler (MSU-Department of Microbiology and Immunology) will present "Bioorthogonal labeling of new proteins in ultra-slow growing microbes from the deep-sea." Byker Auditorium at 3:10 pm.


Monday, October 3

Ph.D Defense, Mr. Charles Stark will present "Shedding Light on Future Solar Fuels: Investigating the photophysics/photochemistry of two inorganic water-splitting photocatalysts" as part of his PhD requirements.  Mr. Stark is co-advised by Professors Bern Kohler and Pat Callis. 10:00 am Byker

Friday, October 7

Dr. Tim Machonkin from Whitman College will present " Defining a Preference for Polarizable Halogen Substituents in the Ring-Cleaving Dioxygenase Enzyme PcpA". 3:10 pm in the Byker Auditorium. Professor Jen DuBois will host Dr. Machonkin.

Friday, October 14 -

Dr. Rick Cote - Professor Mary Cloninger host

Friday, October 21

Dr. Chris Elles (Kansas) Professor Erik Grumstrup host.

Friday, October 28

Safety and Risk, Lab and Fire Training

Monday, October 31

Ph.D Defense Mr. Alan Weaver  2:10 pm Byker


Wednesday, November 2 - Ph.D. Defense

Melissa McIntyre will defend her Ph.D. in Chemistry beginning with a presentation (title to follow).  Melissa works in the laboratory of Professor Rob Walker.  Byker Auditorium 11:30 am.   

Friday, November 4

Friday, November 11 - Holiday

Friday, November 18

Tuesday November 29th- 4th Year seminar

Autumn White


Friday,  December 2

Dr. Veronica Vaida (CU Boulder) Professor Rob Walker host

Friday, December 9

Dr. Jonathan Hilmer (MSU).

January 2017

Friday, January 13

Dr. James Crawford (Genetech) Professor Matt Cook host

Friday, January 20

Drs. Brian Tripet, Valerie Copie, Martin Lawrence and Brian Bothner- Shared User Facilities

Friday, January 27

Dr. Noah Burns (Stanford) Professor Sharon Neufeldt host


Friday, February 3

Friday, February 10

Friday, February 17

Dr. Xi Chu from the University of Montana, Department of Chemistry. Professor Erik Grumstrup host.

Friday, February 24

Assistant Professor Matt Queen (MSU Billings)


Friday, March 3

Dr. Ryan Looper (Utah). Professor Matt Cook host.

Friday, March 10

Friday, March 17- Spring break

Friday, March 24

Friday, March 31

Emily Weinert (Emory University).  Professor Jen DuBois


Friday, April 7

Prof. Catherine J. Murphy, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois.

Professor TIm Minton host.

Friday, April 14 -University Holiday

Friday, April 21 

Dr. Larry Overman (UCI). Professor Mary Cloninger host