The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Programs offers primarily Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  We also offer thesis or course work-based Master of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our twenty faculty members are research active in the areas of analytical, biochemistry, computational, inorganic, organic, materials, and physical chemistry. Faculty have a broad and complimentary expertise in a range of specialty areas including chemical synthesis, microbiological manipulations, chemical structure, spectroscopic techniques, and mechanism at the molecular level.  The research at our department is highly collaborative with interdisciplinary research opportunities for the student across campus and abroad. 

In the last 5 years, we have graduated over 50 PhD students! The annual research budget is approximately $10 million from peer-reviewed, competitive grants. Our Ph.D degrees are research intensive, however, every student is expected to take foundational courses during their first and second years to broaden their knowledge base and build on the fundamentals of their discipline.  Students in our programs are well prepared to become independent scientists and/or efficient higher education educators. Opportunities exist to attend regional, national, and international conferences, publish their research findings in peer-reviewed journals with significant scientific impact, and engage in individualized professional development before graduation.  Graduate students are expected to cultivate critical thinking, develop analytical skills, and improve their oral and written communication skills in the context of scholarly research with creativity and originality. 

All of our students are typically supported financially as a teaching assistant or research assistant. We graduate our students to be competitive in securing career opportunities in the private sector, industry, and in academia.

Why Choose MSU? 

MSU is an optimal place for students who prefer a nurturing and well-rounded learning environment with frequent interactions among the students, postdoctoral scholars, research staff, and faculty members. Our goal is to do world-class research in a world-class setting. If you check out the professors, research projects, and facilities in our department, we think you will agree, exciting things are happening in Bozeman!


Applying to our Department

picPriority is given to applications that are in our office by January 15th. Applications received after January 15th, are still eligible for acceptance if space is available.Filling out and submitting an application form is the first step toward becoming a graduate student in the MSU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Contact Doreen Brown prior to submitting your application. The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department will pay the application fee for you if you meet minimum requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Our graduate recruiting weekend is February 22nd-25th, 2018.

To apply, click here. 

If you have any questions, email or call: 1-877-472-3776 

Doreen Brown Ed.D.
Graduate Program Director
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-3400

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