Headlines from the Department

Congratulations to Eric Massaro for receiving the Graduate Student Association Travel Award.

Eric will be travelling to a Materials Research Society meeting and presenting a research poster in April of 2017.  Eric is first author on two publications and just passed his comprehensive exam in early November. Eric works in the laboratory of Professor Erik Grumstrup.

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Recent Publications

1.  E. S. Massaro, A. H. Hill, and E. M. Grumstrup, "Super-Resolution Structured Pump–Probe Microscopy," ACS Photonics 3, 501-506 (2016).
2.   E. S. Massaro, A. H. Hill, C. L. Kennedy, and E. M. Grumstrup, "Imaging theory of structured pump-probe microscopy," Optics Express 24, 20868 (2016).