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Melissa advances to candidacy! April 2013

We're delighted to welcome Christine Gobrogge and Kyle Reeping, both first year graduate students, into the group! December 2012

End of the semester news: Heather graduates with departmental honors for her senior thesis, "Molecular Partitioning Between Aqueous and Hydrophobic Environments"; Stefan is awarded the Greer-Callis-Howald Award for undergraduate research in physical chemistry. April 2012

David has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship!April 2012

Eric and Lauren advance to candidacy!April 2012

Congratulations to David for being inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society!March 2012

John is awarded a University-Laboratory Initiative Fellowship by the Office of Naval Research to support his dissertation research on SOFC chemistry. This 3 year fellowship will enable John to spend 2-3 months every year working in the lab of Dr. Michael Pomfret at NRL developing IR imaging and emission spectroscopy methods to probe how higher MW, carbon containing fuels affect SOFC performance and longevity. March 2012

We're delighted to welcome Melissa McIntyre to the WRG! Melissa is a first year graduate student whose interests span chemistry, solid-state physics and material science. Melissa's research will focus on high temperature surface vibrational spectroscopy in electrochemical applications. December 2011

Congratulations to Rob who was named a Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the same organization that publishes Science. In making its announcement, the AAAS cited the Rob's "distinguished contributions to understanding the molecular structure and interfacial behavior at complex liquid and solid surfaces using surface spectroscopy." Induction is scheduled for the annual AAAS meeting in February in Vancouver, BC.December 2011

Congratulations to Stefan, David and Heather for being awarded Fellowships through MSU’s Undergraduate Scholars Program! The Undergraduate Scholars Program (USP) is dedicated to helping students pursue scholarly activities in all disciplines by providing funding to students who undertake an investigative or creative projects in collaboration with a faculty mentors.October 2011