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Office: room 317

Chemistry and Biochemistry Building
P.O. Box 173400
Bozeman, MT 59717

Phone: 406-994-5625

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  • M. Chem., University of Sheffield, UK
  • Ph.D. University of Bristol, UK
  • Postdoc: American Heart Association, Colorado State University-Fort Collins
  • Postdoc: Cancer Research, Imperial College, London


We are actively developing new cascade reaction pathways to build molecular complexity in a step and atom efficient manner. We are focusing our efforts in three areas to develop transformations that can perform complex skeletal rearrangements that define multiple stereogenic centers in a single operation, these are: (1) using multiple pericyclic processes in a cascade; (2) using a single enantioselective transition metal catalyst to perform multiple reactions; (3) using synergistic (or cooperative) catalytic cycles to perform unique yet complementary functions.  We are interested in both the unique molecular architectures these reactions can form alongside establishing a deep understanding the mechanisms being performed to aid us further in the development and improvement of them. The development of these processes will lead to new strategies for the synthesis of complex molecules, both natural products and pharmaceutical targets.  Our aim is to develop truly useful methods that are general in their scope with good functional group tolerance negating the use of protecting groups and multiple oxidation state changes. We are currently investigating several natural product targets with a wide range of structural and biological features including diazonamide A, spongistatin and colchicine.