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Joseph A. Shaw, Ph.D.

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Optical Technology Center (OpTeC)

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Promoting Optics Education, Research, and Jobs in Montana

Welcome to the Optical Technology Center (OpTeC), established in 1995 to promote education and research in the rapidly growing fields of optical science and engineering. The Optical Technology Center is a multidisciplinary center at Montana State University, offering opportunities for students, faculty, industry, and other interested partners to learn and work together to find solutions to practical problems and to discover new applications for optical technology.

OpTeC includes research groups from three university departments: 

          Electrical and Computer Engineering             Physics             Chemistry and Biochemistry

The primary goal of the center is to maintain a nationally competitive optics program that promotes collaboration with local optical industry, leading to economic growth and improved student opportunities in Montana.

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To register for the annual OpTeC conference to be held on Thursday, 11 Sep. 2014, please email Diane Harn at the email listed on the left-hand side of this page.

Agenda for the 2014 OpTeC conference

Agenda from the 2013 annual OpTeC conference

World-class optics in the unparalleled Montana environment

We are located in Bozeman, a small city in southwestern Montana surrounded by mountains, fields, and rivers that provide incredible beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation. We are located 145 km (90 miles) north of Yellowstone National Park and surrounded by the Bridger Bowl, Moonlight Basin, and Big Sky, ski resorts. The Gallatin, Jefferson, and Madison rivers come together to form the Missouri River 52 km (32 mi) west of us. Optics is a major component of our university research portfolio and the local economy.