Montana State University
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
224 Chemistry and Biochemistry & Building
Bozeman, MT 59717

Email: jacquelyn.miller1@msu.montana.edu

Research Interests

I’m currently investigating small iron sulfur containing proteins involved in nitrogen fixation, the reduction of bioinavailable nitrogen to bioavailable ammonia. Through examining their potential partner’s for electron transfer to the nitrogenase complex and the physiological role of the fix gene suite. Via a structural and biochemical analysis of fixX from Roseiflexus castenholzii, we hope to gain knowledge of how these proteins overcome an extreme energy barrier under physiological conditions.The goal is to achieve a better understanding of what conditions and genes are necessary for maximal nitrogen fixation in a physiological relevant environment. With the knowledge gained through my studies I hope to further the progress toward a synthetic symbiont for cereal crops and reduce the consumer demand for industrially produced ammonia. 

I attended Indiana University at South Bend where I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry in the Spring of 2014. During my undergraduate years I worked as a tutor and supplemental instructor for Chemistry and Biochemistry and spent my summers as an ELISA technician for Agdia Inc. I joined the lab of Dr. John Peters in the fall of 2014.


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