Montana State University
Department of Microbiology
230 Chemistry and Biochemistry & Building
Bozeman, MT 59717


Research Interest

I’m currently working with Kevin Swanson examining the effects of oxygen on Fe-Fe hydrogenases.  The active site of these hydrogenases can easily be oxidized and thereby inactivated.  By elucidating the details of oxidative damage, we hope to be able to increase oxygen tolerance of the hydrogenases, as well as determining how to re-activate the damaged enzymes.

These enzymes are of interest as they have a particularly high rate of hydrogen production.  By understanding the hydrogenases we hope to be able to use them effectively in the large-scale production of hydrogen gas that could then be used as an  environmentally friendly fuel source.
About Me: I grew up in Maryland, and attended college at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI.  While there I decided to attend graduate school, and I learned of MSU’s biochemistry program.  When I came to visit the school, I immediately loved Montana, and decided to go to school there, so as to be able to pursue my education while simultaneously engaging in the great outdoors.  I officially joined the Peters lab in the fall of 2012.  My hobbies include hiking and camping, and, when not outside, playing guitar.



B.S. in Biochemistry from Calvin College


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