Montana State University
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
230 Chemistry and Biochemistry & Building
Bozeman, MT 59717

Email: fmus@chemistry.montana.edu

Research Interests


  • Understanding molecular pathway leading to the activation of the [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenases and biochemical analysis of the interactions between the proteins involved in the [Fe-Fe]-hydrogenase maturation process
  • Characterization of new [Fe-Fe]-Hydrogenases

New class of CO2 fixing and carboxylating enzymes

Examine mechanisms of novel carboxylase enzymes involved in the microbial metabolism of alkenes and epoxides



Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies, University Aix-Marseille II (France)



Montana State University, Department of Biochemistry


Montana State University, Department of Microbiology


Metabolic Explorer, Green Chemistry Company (France)


Stanford University, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Plant Biology


CEA-Cadarache (France), Life Sciences Division (France)


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    (*both authors contributed equally to this work)
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